Moving to POSTCITY

The time has come! The Ars Electronica Festival team has moved into the premises of the POSTCITY, the main location of this year’s media art festival, which will take place from September 7 to 11, 2017, in Linz.

Air Fountain

Chico MacMurtrie talks about his “Pneuma Fountain”, an inflatable robotic sculpture depicting organic transformation and movement at an enlarged scale.

Pneuma Fountain

The American artist Chico MacMurtrie, known for his robotic sculptures, presented the “Pneuma Fountain”, framed by the baroque backdrop of the Prälatenhof in the Kremsmünster Abbey.


The Taiwanese media artist Yen Tzu Chang and Sabrina Haase from Fraunhofer MEVIS introduced several students to the fields of medical imaging and sound art at a special workshop.


On May 17, the International Neurofibromatosis Day, the Ars Electronica Center was illuminated in blue-green.