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Mitte Mai. War wieder eine sehr produktive Woche im Museum. Und ein Fenstertag ist auch noch dabei.

2012-05-16 | | | |

Kepler Talks

With the Sparks Reverse Science Café at the Linzer Keplersalon and the talk about the anatomy hall of the future, the supporting program of the Beyond the Lab exhibition started.

2017-04-03 | | | |


Die US-Sängerin Anastacia bei ihrem Auftritt in Wien.

2006-05-20 | | | |


Frankfurt am Main, Finanzzentrum, Messezentrum, urbanes Zentrum. Zentrum einfach. Und so schaut es auch aus. Wolkenkratzer inklusive.

2013-10-13 | | | |

Get enough exercise!

The dance performance Wonderful World by Collective B at the Deep Space 8K of the Ars Electronica Center.

2018-11-06 | | | |

Press conference XL

Done. The one hour press conference in the Deep Space on the promulgation of the 2016 STARTS Prize winners offered by the European Commission has gone well. The extras this time: my own wall and floor designs, photo galleries and videos simultaneously, and then in between even a live video conference to Berlin. (Photos: Robert Bauernhansl)

2016-06-23 | | | |

Long Night of Research 2018

Research is for everyone, as witnessed at the Long Night of Research at the Ars Electronica Center.

2018-04-13 | | | |

Abenddämmerung an der Donau

Ein Farbenspiel, das seinesgleichen sucht - einmal mit und einmal ohne Elektrizität.

2014-07-01 | | | |

2015 Prix Ars Electronica - Jury members talking about

Interviews with the jury members of the 2015 Prix Ars Electronica.

2015-07-01 | | | |

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