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Zu Gast aus Hongkong

Die Ars Electronica Futurelab Academy hatte mehrere Studierende des Honkong Design Institute in Linz zu Gast. Neben einem Workshop-Programm mit den MentorInnen aus der Forschungseinrichtung ging es unter anderem auch durch das Museum selbst.

2015-01-19 | | | |

Festival program

Gerfried Stocker, artistic director of Ars Electronica, on the program of the 2017 Ars Electronica Festival on the edge of a press conference.

2017-08-30 | | | |

Printed in China

Meanwhile the next shift at a Chinese print shop is going to start to print manuals for phones.

2016-09-28 | | | |

Shanghai Rain

Das funktioniert in China ganz gut: Das "Verteilen" bunter Regenschirme in vielen verschiedenen Farben.

2016-01-15 | | | |

Cinematic Rendering

Siemens Healthcare hat nun auf Methoden der Filmindustrie zurückgegriffen und zeigt mit „Cinematic Rendering“ realitätsnahe 3-D-Darstellungen des menschlichen Körpers.

2015-10-12 | | | |

Moon rocks

Full Moon reached shortly.

2017-06-07 | | | |


"Light Barrier" by Kimchi and Chips, exhibited in the CyberArts at the OK in Linz, creates impressive light spectacles in the darkened room.

2017-09-07 | | | |

They call it Woody

The wooden star of the exhibition architecture in the Ars Electronica Center is also affectionately known as Woody.

2019-05-26 | | | |

Maria Theresia

The Maria Theresien monument on the Vienna Ringstrasse.

2018-01-12 | | | |

Anton Bruckner

A site inspection to the newly opened Anton Bruckner Private University. What a beautiful view you have from here on Linz.

2016-08-02 | | | |

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