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“Light Barrier” by Kimchi and Chips, exhibited in the CyberArts at the OK in Linz, creates impressive light spectacles in the darkened room.

Air Fountain

Chico MacMurtrie talks about his “Pneuma Fountain”, an inflatable robotic sculpture depicting organic transformation and movement at an enlarged scale.

Experimentale 2017

Experimenting, testing and understanding. Over 2,000 pupils came to the Ars Electronica Center to present their self-developed experiments to a public audience and to take a look at other experimental set-ups.

DRONE 100 – Spaxels over Linz

More than 100.000 people watched the successful European premiere of “DRONE 100 – Spaxels over Linz” on September 10, 2016, evening. At 7:45 PM sharp, the 100 world record drones took off and performed their airborne spectacle in the sky over Linz.